About Segment Wealth

Segment Wealth may be a new name but the origins of our business date back to its founder Tony Prentice in the 1970s. While based in Darwin we support clients around Australia, including a few clients that still hold those 1970s savings bonds.

As financial advice has changed and matured our approach has too, with your desired future being our primary focus rather than only managing your superannuation or insurance policies. Don’t worry, we still work with a wide range of product providers to meet your needs, but we know that strategic advice, action and support are the key elements to a successful financial future.

In case you were interested, we chose the name ‘Segment Wealth’ because there are so many ‘segments’ to our personal and financial lives that may be quite separate but ideally need to be considered as a whole to get the best outcome. For the Maths geeks, our W logo is also made up of 5 line ‘segments’ taking you from A to B, B to C and so on, with some ups and downs along the way, just like your financial journey.

As for ‘wealth’, which by definition is having ‘more than enough of a desirable thing’, we think this is applicable to time, health and fulfilment, as much as it does to money, and ‘more than enough’ happiness is ultimately what we want for our clients.