Who we are

Learn more about our team and who we are.

Personal Advice

Paul is our principal financial adviser. With a previous career in the public service, Paul last worked as a Financial Information Service Officer with Centrelink before moving to private practice, first in Adelaide and then in Darwin since 2007. Married with 3 children, Paul is kept busy with work, social activities and the inevitable family taxi demands.

Client Administration and Support Team

Brea and Trace are the core of the Segment Wealth business. They keep track of everyone and everything, and are responsible for all of your interactions with us and your product providers. If they can’t help you they will know someone who can, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Enduring Patron

Tony Prentice is the founder of our business as well as of the advice group ‘Financial Services Partners’, that acted as our licensee for many years. While Tony has retired from active involvement in the business, we still see him regularly and he receives mail at our address. So for all of our long term clients, please feel welcome to say G’day to Tony via email or letter, or invite him over for a good red or two, he won’t say no.